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This treatment helps achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows using henna, giving your brows a phenomenal look. Camouflage gaps and gives you fuller brows.

Duration of Process: To get the perfect look, this process takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Duration of Effectiveness: A Henna brow tinting will last for 10 to12 days on eyebrow skin and 3 weeks on eyebrow hair.

What our Customers need to know about Henna:

  • Henna keeps eyebrow skin cooler and moisturized.

  • Normal tinting makes the hair hard and henna makes it soft.

  • After first try we can adjust the duration of time for which we leave henna on the skin to get exact shade, based on customer’s skin unique response to the product.

  • Process involves exfoliation and castor oil massage on the skin.

  • NO Ammonia or hydrogen peroxide

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