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Evaluation Form

Eyecandy Evaluation Form


1)What is your overall assessment of the event?

(1 = insufficient - 5 = excellent)

1      2          3                      4                      5

  1. Which topics or aspects of the workshop did you find most interesting or useful?











2:-  Did the training achieve the programme objectives?


Yes                              No

If no, why?

3:- Knowledge and information gained from participation at this event?

Met your expectations                    Yes                  No           Somehow

Will be useful/applicable in my work             Definitely          Mostly      Somehow        Not at all


4:- How do you think the workshop could have been made more effective?

  1. Please comment on the organization of the event (from 1 = insufficient to 5= excellent) 1           2                      3                      4                      5

  2. Comments and suggestions (including activities or initiatives you think would be useful, for the future)

Further comments or suggestions


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